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U-matic Editing VTR(SP)

Models Overview Features Specifications
  • Improved design makes unit lighter than predecessors.
  • FM carrier frequency 0.8MHz up on normal high-band, improves luminance resolution to 300 lines for clear, detailed colour/monochrome playback.
  • Fully compatible with high band U-matics in luminance signal deviation (1.6MHz) and chroma sub-carrier frequence (924kHz).
  • Takes low/high band and SP tapes, with built in auto selection of system and Dolby in/out detection when using Sony KSP tapes.
  • Improved video circuitary improves luminance/chrominance ringing performance.
  • Dolby C noise reduction improves audio signal-to-noise ratio to 72dB (measured by CCIR/ARM filter, RMS).
  • Sendhurst heads and playback circuit improve audio frequency response and raise non-Dolby signal-to-noise ratio to 52dB in SP mode.
  • Improved controls for audio/erase/record/playback heads improve audio insert editing accuracy.
  • First-ever plug-in time base correction available with optional BKU-903, a full-feature wide window TBC with seperate remote controller.
  • Optional BKU-905 plug-in time code generator/reader permits sophisticated time code editing.
  • Dial operated setting and LED/monitor display of codes, diagnostics, preroll and operational data, with built in character generator.
  • Built in 2-machine editing facility with RS-422 remote control interface.
  • Bidirectional shuttle/jog options giving quality pictures from STILL to 10 times normal or frame by frame.

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