Exactly is a free and open source application that is easy-to-use for remotely and safely transferring any digital data from a sender to a recipient.

One of our most popular applications, Exactly allows recipients to create customized metadata templates for senders to fill out before submission. Exactly can send email notifications with transfer data and manifests when files have been delivered to the archive.


Safe Data




Built on Standards

For data integrity Exactly utilizes the BagIt File Packaging Format, an Internet Engineering Task-Force standard developed by the Library of Congress and the California Digital Library with support from George Washington University and the University of Maryland. Exactly supports SFTP/FTP transfer, as well as standard network transfers, and integrates into desktop-based file sharing workflows such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Building on work began by the Gates Archive, AVP and the Louie B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky Libraries developed Exactly to meet the growing need for archives to acquire digital content directly from donors and to begin the activities of establishing provenance and fixity early in the process of acquisition.

Although Exactly was developed with this use-case in mind, the application can be used in any circumstance where there is the need to securely send and receive data.

How the Nunn Center is using Exactly

Using Exactly has increased my capacity to transfer content from Archives to patrons by 80% and has increased my capacity to validate the integrity of files transferred to the Institute Archives by 90%. Using Exactly and the reports / files that Exactly produces during a transfer operation has diminished the manual logging of data into Accession records - increasing my productive work time with accessioning transfers by 50%.

Kari Smith (MIT Libraries)

I have been able to spend 50% less time packaging and manually logging validation processes, and am more confident when leaving processes running over night, which also saves hours every day.

Genevieve Havemeyer (Freelance Media Conservation Consultant)