Greatbear is a specialist audio and video digitising and conservation studio, working to preserve valuable recordings and archives.

We have the expertise and technology to restore and replay almost all formats of audio and video tape, enabling us to make high-quality transfers to digital files, in the format of your choice.

We work with archives, universities, libraries, artists, individuals, production companies, museums, galleries and other institutions to preserve and give access to historic audio and video content in digital form.

Text: audio. Image: Azimuth adjustment key in headblock of Sony APR-5000 quarter inch tape recorder

At the Greatbear studio we restore, transfer and digitise all forms of analogue and digital audio tape, including rare & legacy audio formats. Find out more about Greatbear audio transfer services here →

Text: video. Image: D-2 video cassette, shell open to show ¾ inch / 19mm tape inside

Our parallel specialisation is the preservation and digitisation of all broadcast, professional, domestic and 'obsolete' video formats from cassette, reel-to-reel and disc. Find out more about Greatbear video transfer services here →

Text: ask. Image: SMPTE colour bars test pattern with question mark graphic

For any analogue / digital, audio / video tape restoration, transfer and digitising enquiries or questions, and to download our free customer tape assessment sheet, please contact us here →

Text: Identify. Image: 1 inch audio tape on 10.5 inch Tascam spool, with ruler guides showing dimensions

To identify your tape, analogue or digital media, please browse the formats we digitise →  Here you will find easy access to pages with detailed information on every audio and video format we work with.

Text: tape blog. Image: Ampex VR 5103 A Format 1 inch video machine in studio with video monitors

We love magnetic tape and the machines that play it. We're part of an international audio-visual media conservation community, and we're keen on sharing knowledge. Read the Greatbear tape blog here →